China-Base Ningbo Group Co., Ltd (CBNB) was a state-owned foreign trade company when founded in 1985, which was China National Export Bases Development Corporation Ningbo Branch at that time, and it was later on reformed to be a joint-equity enterprise in 1999. CBNB is one of China's top 500 enterprises, which integrates internationalization, financialization and industrialization, and is involved in cross-border domestic and foreign trade, international freight transportation, international bidding, automobile marketing and other industries Enterprises, ranked 11th in China's top 500 private foreign trade. The total annual business income is more than 79 billion yuan, the annual import and export scale is nearly 4.1 billion US dollars, and the total import and export volume ranks first in Ningbo for many years.



Wholly-owned and majority-owned subsidiaries

79.1 billion yuan

Annual turnover

USD 4.1 billion

Annual import and export volume

top 500

Top 500 enterprises of China

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